Need help! Bad results around fingers when baking normal map.1

When baking normal map for entire body the map comes out pretty good except in the hands and feet. Since they are similar in results I only added images for the hands. Images show normal map results, UV seams around hand, and what map looks like in material view. I have tried baking using different Ray distances between 0-1. The distance of 0.5 appears to work best for majority of the body except hands and feet. Not sure if there is a better way to add seams around hands to unfold them. I have referenced several images online and tried different methods. This appears to be a more common method used. I am aware that there is no copy paste solution for all meshes. Looking for some advise on how I can go about improving the results. I included blend file with strictly the retopo mesh. I could not include high poly mesh even with decimation because it exceeded the 15Mb limit allowed per file upload.


Sample retopo mesh for critique_UV seams.blend (1.04 MB)

The included file is useless.

It doesn’t contain packed images, and it can’t be used to view the results you were talking about. But even if one could, it’s still useless because the real problem is bad baking results for the fingers. Troubleshooting that requires the surfaces that are used for baking it.

So what to do when the file size is too big? The problem is with the fingers. Include the geometry for the hands and remove everything else. Always enable compress for the file. Check the problem remains with the prepared file. Use an alternate upload site.

Why, how, and where - Instructions in the tutorial linked in my signature.

Thank you for the link. I appreciate it. Attached is the blend file with both low and high poly mesh included.


Sample retopo mesh for critique_UV seams.blend (7.96 MB)

Didn’t see a cage used for baking. It can be a duplicate of the low poly object, just enclosing both. Could spend some time making sure the cage encloses the sculpted fingers without intersecting itself.

Thank you for your help. I took a look at the file and have a better idea of what you mean.

Thanks again.