Need help "baking" animation from shape keys to keyframes

Hi, I’m trying to bake a simple animation to keyframes, I’m using de (alt+s) command to make a “inflate” effect, I need this in keyframes because I want to export the .fbx to Touchdesigner. I’ve been doing some research some say I need to make a script wich I found here: , I don’t really know if this method is the best. If someone know how to acheive this I would aprecciate some directions. Thanks!

Blend file: inflate_test.blend (626 KB)

UPDATE: Maybe using alembic export, I’m gonna try and give you feedback.

UPDATE: So I was able to export the shape key animation, using alembic files. The cons are that the build who supports alembic files in touchdesigner is a experimental branch, don’t know if I can do a more complex project using a experimental branch. I’m gonna do some test and keep you guys informed.

I’m moving this post to “Blender Test” forum toppic.