Need help beveling transformed cube edge

Trying to make a lip around a slot, but the beveling is yeilding strange results. I made the shapes you see below by transforming a cube so that it is flattened, I feel like this may have something to do with it. I’m new to blender, so your help is much appreciated. Also attached is a sketch of the shape I’m going for.

Sketch of desired outcome:

Try ctrl a (apply scale).

In Object mode, menu Object -> Apply -> Scale. Please refrain from teaching shortcut keys if possible. There’s enough confusion with them between transitioning from 2.7x to 2.8x and the three built-in keymaps of 2.8x.

Hey, thanks for the response! So I couldn’t find the object menu, but I got to the apply menu with Ctrl+A, and selected scale. Screenshot attached.

Applying scale:

Still doesn’t work:

It’s good that the sketch is attached. To me it looks like you chose only the top left edge. You should select all 4 edges. In the first screenshot you can see that you have set 47 segments, usually you take 3-6. It would be smarter to use the Bevel Modifier. To do this, however, the 4 edges must have a mean bevel weight value of 1.0 and the modifier must be set weighted. Also Auto smooth would have to be over 30.

Hi Fabian
I think you’re right, there is something not quite right with your cube transformation, I can see missing edges.
I’m reasonably new to Blender also, starting from Version 2.8, so I will provide some shortcuts …it was a little tricky to squish the cube and have even top face thickness.

Starting with a cube I went to edit mode > face select > then select the top face of cube.
Go to orthographic mode, top view (NUM 7)
I + LMB to scale an Inset for the inside extrusion…
Go to front view > (NUM 1) > then wire frame and use your Extrude Region Tool to give the desired depth of extrusion.
Return to top view and S, Y + LMB to scale your cube in one dimension ie: flatten your cube on the Y axis for example.
I had to move the two longer internal faces (on the Y axis) to give overall even width top faces, as the scaling changed the width of the inset on the Y axis…result…
Edit: I could have used the ‘Snap Tool’ or adjusted the dimensions of the squished outer faces to make them exactly identical

In Edit Mode, select Edge Select, then manually select the four edges you want to bevel and use your Bevel Tool or (Ctrl + B)
In the Bevel popup parameters, set your profile to 0.5 (circular) and adjust your segments and width as required…

I used 6 segments for the Bevel in this example…