NEED HELP : BGE and buttons for animation + remaining location

Hi guys.

I need your help.
I have a variety of animation and 4 buttons.
for each button I want to run some animations. but it does not work

  1. I want to push a shot - he shoots, press reload it recharges and so on. how to make them to work independently, and generally worked?

  2. I would also like to after each pressing - he remembered the location for subsequent pressing. for ex. I press gun he shoot and step forward, and when I press shoot again object should shooting from new location (after step forward)

You need to create an architecture where you can enable/create buttons dependent on the current state of your game model.
You change that state by … pressing other buttons.

E.g. your model says:

state: selecting weapons -> show weapon buttons

when pressing one of the weapon buttons, you hide all of them and got to

state: weapon ready -> show weapon ready button

Monster, thank you! BUT:

My model says:
state 1- press any buttons - shoot, reload or other
state 2- when press - It doesn’t matter hide others or not
state 3- after press - state 1, but please remember where character stay

Do you understand this? It’s just action controllers and litle more

And please if you explain exact examples - it will be awesomeness…

first problem solved - it very simple

very help this

Thank you guys! you all are the best. I very appreciate you help.
There are not many people who are responding to someone else’s. and teach them and try to help. This people are the best.

Thank you, 1000h

you are very operative and detailed:

"In simple terms: Make an empty. Parent the empty to the bone whose position you want. Use python to find position of empty.

Step 1
Step 2
Step 3
Step 4
Step 5

Hopefully this helps."

Thank you, adriansnetlis

from bge import logic

def main(cont):
own = cont.owner
scene = own.scene

if cont.sensors["Mouse"].positive and cont.sensprs["Mouse.001"].positive:
    own.applyMovement([0.0, 5.0, 0.0], True) # Place some movement here

This is one version. For BGE you really need to learn python, though…

But especcialy a GREAT THANKS to the - thelaurent
This amazing man modified my example and show how it work:

  1. parrent cube
  2. cube has properties (move and timer)
  3. button start animation

Thank you again, guys! you are all greate!

ps: BGE logic brick need strong revision in the node direction.