Need help binding blender keys. I'm too old :(

Hello Blender Artists,
I am slowly migrating from 2.49 to 2.62, and it is a little hard, but I have to learn it sometime.
The biggest problems I have are with the changes in hockeys. Two hockeys in particular, and I want them to go back to the old key set so I can finally get rid of 2.49.

  1. C key to Snap View To Cursor
    This key is more commonly “NUMPAD .” Searching the key set, that does not exist. Being on a laptop, having to do numpad is a little cumbersome and breaks the hand-on-keyboard-hand-on-mouse speed that Blender has.

  2. B-B key is Circle Select
    This is a basic and another requirement. I see that C is now Circle Select, but it gets in the way with Snap View To Cursor. You don’t want to know the number of times I have tried to repetitively hit B in the new Blender. I need this back.

Both these keys need to go the other way. I can’t model nearly as fast without them. I love the new features, but I just can’t model in it. About the only key set I can get used to is changing SPACE to SHIFT A.

I can’t get out of 2.49 unless there is a way to set them back to the old commands. 10 years of using 2.29-2.49 Blender kinda does that to ya.

Thanks for any help in advance

For the Center View to Cursor, in 2.6x it’s not Numpad. but CTRL+Numpad. from what i see, Numpad. is for Center View to Selected.
Anyways, clic File then User Preferences.

On the window appearing, click on the “Input” tab
In the upper right of that Input Tab, there’s a search bar, type “View to C” and it will find the assigned hotkey (Ctrl Numpad. by default)
Click on the button that has “Ctrl Numpad.” in it.
Press the C letter on your keyboard and it will change the key to it.

Now for the B - B i can’t find a way, it has annoyed me a lot as i’m very used to 2.49b and continue to use it along 2.6x for functions that are not there in 2.6x
Normally you would have to type in the search bar “circle select” to see the assigned key ( C indeed by default)

Then you would have to develop by clicking on this :

Then where it’s on “Press” by default you would have to select “Double Click”, and click on the button with C inside and press B , so the function would be activated by pressing B 2 times .

But for some reason i don’t know it does not work, if you put another key instead of B, by example with D it would work, pressing 2 times D would activate the circle select. Maybe there are some conflict with the actual function used by B, but if you want to keep 2.49b-like hotkeys, you would not change what B is by default assigned to (border select) , as it’s already like this in 2.49b too.

The undo history in 2.6x is set to CTRL+SHIFT+Z, while you may want to get it to ALT+U like in 2.49b, search for “undo h” to find it in the input list.