Need help: blender and OpenGL

Hi there,
I am new to blender and have a problem with rendering any scenes. If I ckick on the render button, the only thing happens is an error message “nativ_blitbuffer: select error occured”. This happens on a Toshiba laptop with RedHat 7.2 and a Geforce2Go (and the current nvidia drivers). I have no idea how to solve the problem, but i presume, that the problem could be located at the OpenGl modul from nividia. The select system call returns with a timeout waiting for an event, that never happens.

Please help, and thank you for reading this.

If you think it is something wrong with the OpenGL, just turn off the OpenGL acceleration on the computer and see if that fixes the problem. I don’t know how to do that in Linux, but I can do it in Windows.

In linux its easy to switch the acceleration off. But i don t know how in redhat. In suse you just go to x11 or to yast garphic settings and than you can immediatly switch it off.


I think, I was wrong. The problem also occures, if hardware acceleration is disabled. I also tried the statical linked blender, with the same result. Now I know, what kind of problem does not occure, but the real reason I don’t know.