Need Help! Blender is not working right!

Ok, I downloaded blender and it runs fine, and I was following the snowman tutorial at the blender website, and I get to the part where it tells you to press number 3 on the numpad or number bar to switch to side view to get a better perspective on a cone for the snowmans nose, but when I press 3 it makes everything dissapear!!! even when I look around the grid nothing shows up, and I cant select anything either! But when I press 1 on the numpad/bar it brings everything back just the way it was.

Also, the tutorial says that pressing F9 should bring a drop down menu, but all it does is minimize the Blender program.

I’d like to note that I am using a Macintosh PowerPC G4 with a wireless 3-button mouse attached, if that makes a difference.

Oh dear, ToastMaster.

What you’ve done is what’s called selecting layers, which means your probably pressed 3 in the line of numbers near the top of your keyboard

What you wanted is to change your view. To do this, you DO need to press 3, but on the Number Pad of your keyboard (the square of numbers on the far right hand side of the keyboard). If it doesn’t work, check you have NumLock selected.

BTW, just in case stuff does disappear after accidentally pressing a number, press the ~ key on your keyboard (left of the 1 key). This will make sure all layers show up again, and everything is visible.

Good luck with your Blender experience.

Whew! thanks, that fixed that! Boy do I feel stupid for not trying the num pad…