Need Help Blending Looping Animations Using BGE

Hi! It’s me again,

I’m Using Blender 2.65

I’m trying to create a system similar to PowerPoint, but in the BGE that would allow me to display real-time 3D graphics. How it would work is that the right arrow key increases the current “slide” variable by 1, and the left arrow key decreases the current slide by 1. Then, when the slide is equal to a certain number (for instance let the Slide = 3) I want the corresponding looping animation to be played. However, when I change the slide, I want the current looping animation blend smoothly into the next looping animation for slide 4 and so forth.

On a empty object, I have the arrow keys set up and working to add/subtract 1 from a game property variable Integer titled “Slide”. To play the animation I have the logic bricks set up like this:

Currently when I change the slide, the animations instantly change with no transition. Also, I don’t think the wiggle animation actually stops, but still goes on in the background.
So, how would I modify this/ write a script to make it so the looping animations blend when I change the slide?
And how would I make the previous loops stop (if they actually don’t)?

I do have a beginner-medium understanding of python, so if the answer involves some sort of script I should be capable.

I’ll mention I do have objects who are children to the empty, so the animation does show up. Also, Wiggle01 simply moves the object on the y axis back and forth over 60 frames and has key-frames for both location and rotation(rotation being 0). Spin simply rotates the object 360 deg over 60 frames and has key-frames for both location and rotation(location being 0).
Ignore the extra attached Thumbnail

Thanks in advance!


Blending works only for armature objects,that’s all.

As BlendingBGE pointed out, you action blending only works on armatures. You can of course make an armature consisting of one bone (or as many bones as needed) and parent your slides to that.

Depending on your setup, it may actually be easier to just move the slides or the camera with a Python script instead of actions.