Need help building a new experiment


first of all i hope the threads topic fits into this forum.
I’m relatively new to blender an have to create an experiment for scientific research.

Conceptual formation:

The project:

A Picture is beeing presented for 3 seconds.

After these three seconds another picture is beeing presented (a checkboard) for 1 second (this picture is there to disturb the participants attention.

A third picture (similar as the first) is beeing presented.

At this point the participant has to choose which object has moved or rotated by clicking on it. Only after clicking the participant can continue the test.
The test goes on for about 768 trials.

During the test the participants actions (right or wrong plus the needed time to make a decision) has to be captured.

I hope anybody can help me with this.
I already thank for your help.

cheers tillmann

edit: I’ve made a small animation

Are you looking for help with the setup or participants?

I need help with the setup.
My problem is the part where the participant has to decide which object has been moved / rotated.
And logging the participants actions / timings.

thanks tillmann

is an archive with my result up to now.
It includes the.blend file and the runtime (.exe).

Hope somebody can help me with this.

cheers tillmann

noone can help me with this?

I’ll probably be able to help you with this. Right now, I’m in the middle of typing a research paper for school. I’ll see what I can do, though.


Here is an updated version of my project.

Up to now the participant is able to enter the main menu, there he/she can start the game, read the instructions and quit the game.
When starting the game the participant can now click on the object which has been rotated / moved. After he/she has clicked another scene is started …


my question:

can i stop the ipo playback at the end (so that it does not playback in a loop)
how can i log the participants mouseclicks (which object / how long did it take to respond)

thanks for your help.


Hey chill-man,

I can’t really help much, though here’s some code that will show you how to time something. The code simply times how long it takes to set a variable to 10 million and then decrement it 1 by one until it’s 0.

import Blender
from Blender import sys

time1 = sys.time()

i = 10000000
while (i > 0):
    i = i-1;
print "Script ran for %.2f seconds" % (sys.time() - time1)


why import when you can use a timer property? Although you’d have a lot more control over a script…

There are 4 different choices, I believe, read this. It will explain the actuators.

Since this is a project you are doing, I think you need to do it yourself. Maybe Im wrong? But we will help.

There are a couple ways to handle the text. You can keep it in properties and just keep adding, etc, then view the properties for the results.

If you press the d button for the properties, and check show debug properties in the GE menu, you can see the results. You can also write some script to save it to a file.

If you do a search I think you can find more information for handling text from the user and writing to files. There are a few blends around you can look at.

Id help more, but Im new too this too. Good luck

Yeah, finally I got it setup as I want it. The only thing to do is to save all the stuff from the console to an *.txt file.

here is an updated Link of my project: … rsuch2.rar

Thanks for all your Help.