Need help by using shrink wrap modifier

Hello, I have an SVG file that I imported to
blender, and converted to a mesh. I want to shrink wrap it to a cylinder
as you can see it’s not that perfect.
When I shrink wrap it I get very bad results
due to the bad vertices
I tried re-meshing it but it removes most of the detail
any help would be great.

Before converting it to mesh try to apply the shrinkwrap directly to the curve. Then you can apply the modifier and convert it to mesh if you like:

If the svg import creates more than one curve, you can select them all and join them into one.

Make each of the component parts a single giant ngon face then use the Knife tool to make a series of vertical cuts through the whole lot. That will allow it to bend

Ok thanks, I will try it.

1 make extrude little bit,and convert to mesh
2 remesh
3 remove extruded part

Wait i think i found an glitch in the forum??
i just clicked on solution and i window pop-up saying 500 error…
on my end it changed to green…

Yours worked great
i got a perfect shrink wrap, but now I stumbled another issue:
So I wanted to do a boolean onto the cylinder but when I did it
gave me weird results.
I get these weird lines:

You have to kind of match the same density between your cutting object and your other object when doing booleans like that. You also have to be prepared to do a lot of clean-up after applying the Boolean: Merging and sliding vertices and the like… especially if you plan to add things like bevels later.

Thanks but I decided not to use boolean for this anymore.

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