Need Help, Camera Stuck, House WIP

Basically the view from camera and renders is stuck somewhere. Cant really figure out how to get it to go where i want it. i accidentally hit ctrl m and then don’t really know what happened from there. I have looked through my settings and cant really find whats going on here.

My blend file is bellow.

You seem to have managed to get Dressers as the active camera object.

With the camera object selected goto View->Camera->Set active object as active camera
The shortcut is Ctrl-Numpad 0

Not a bad little unit. Not sure about over there but here you wouldn’t be allowed to build a toilet next to the kitchen like that. Not sure but I might think about flipping the bedroom and ensuite and giving dual access to the one bathroom. Or maybe put it off the entrance in front of the office.

ah thank you, beautiful. Hmm i will have to look into the half bath off kitchen thing. I know quite a few homes with ill placed bath rooms including kitchens. Seemed the best place to put it to keep it out of the way. I plan on getting some real detail going forward, light switches and all, just cant believe i got stuck there =P.