Need Help: Carpet material with fur

Hi. My name is Mehman and I have a problem Mateial for carpet with fur. I would like to achive a realistic Persian style carpet material but I could not do it with fur. Can anyone help me? Here are some referance textures from google

It’s possible. It just takes a bit of work.

First you’ll have to UV map the plane so the texture coordinates are correct. (This is easier than fidgeting with vector mapping node settings on generated texture coordinates to get things lined up, which is the other way that can work.)

The hair particles should pick up the color from the texturemap. And you’re going to want a really short setting. There are also ways to re-map the exisiting colors to grayscale to help control length and density. (Typically it’s not a direct correlation to a color’s brightness in the carpet pattern, in Photoshop you’d use adjustment>gradient map and manually edit the gradient for the high and low areas. GIMP likely has a similar feature.)