need help compiling blender aspects from SVN

ok I’m willing to pay for some helpful info on how to compile certain blender aspects,

I would like to compile blenderplayer 2.49b and the newest version. but I get an error:

CMake Error at CMakeLists.txt:13 (SETUP_LIBDIRS):
Unknown CMake command “SETUP_LIBDIRS”.

I am well aware that SETUP_LIBDIRS is a macro, however the macro remains undefined in the document with empty ‘()’

if possible I would actually like to import the code of the libraries into the document and refer to them by line or something so blenderplayer can be one file that is not dependent on exterior libraries.

but mainly I just need help defining the macro. or getting it to work.

not a big paying job, but decent, maybe I’ll pay $50 USD through paypal if someone can tell me how to actually put the libraries code into the CMakeLists.txt file instead of (SETUP_LIBDIRS) macro.

PM with info.

Just a quick question: why 2.49b? You can download that version… still around.

For the latest version, you definitely need to have a look at this page:

There’s a new wrinkle: this…


…it resolves all your dependencies which might be why you’ve been running into the issues you mentioned.

ok, thats for linux, it will be handy for later as I will probably want to publish some games on my linux machine as well.

but for now I want to publish via windows (to .exe) and use the webplayer for other games.

The 2.49b version has an ability that I think was lost in the upgrade to 2.5+ the ability to use the blender 2.42 web plugin alpha

I would like to publish some games to the web. I really wish there was a webplayer for 2.6 games, infact if I could get help I would like to edit the newest blenderplayer into said webplayer (which is one of the points of this thread). however a 2.49b version would be handy as well as it does contain a few handy features that don’t work the same in 2.6.

if anyone is willing to help there would be pay involved as described above. but I definitely need to figure out how to get blender player to compile… maybe I’m using the wrong C interpreter. I got BCC whatever.

You can play blender games in web with burster:

wow! ok thats that part taken care of.

now to figure out how to compile blenderplayer. I think I need to get microsoft’s free C++ interpreter? I was using the Borland C++ compiler, it couldn’t understand the macro.

I feel kinda foolish now putting up a thread in the paid jobs section when all the work was already done. I still wonder if I’ll be able to compile blender player with the normal windows C++ compiler though.