Need help connecting an edge to a face

First of all, I am very new to blender so be patient with me!

The situation:
I am editing a game model (a helmet from “Mass Effect”) to use with pepakura for costume building. The problem is that there are multiple edges that are not actually connected (sorry, I really am trying to use proper terms). For example, on the side of the helmet, there is a spot where the face comes down and “rests” or “touches” another face perpendicularly (meets at 90 degrees), but doesn’t actually connect. See pictures.

What it looks like:

After moving the unconnected edge/face:

Another View:

How can I connect these edges/faces so that they are no longer open? There are multiple occurrences of this that I would really like to fix.

Thank You!

you can probably do it just by selecting all and hitting ‘remove doubles’. you can change the value if it doesn’t do it right away. the other option would be to go through and select pairs of vertexes and hit Alt M ( merge vertexes ). Remember to recalculate normals outside when it’s all sealed up.
(edit) I am noticing now that there are additional faces inside of where you want to join them. those could cause problems. delete them if you can. otherwise, it may be better to leave them unconnected.

Thanks for replying!

There are areas where I was able to seal it up by merging vertices, but in the spot in my example photos there are not any vertices I can merge (can I just make some?) I also tried the remove doubles, but it didn’t do anything. How do I “change the value”? Also, you are right, there are additional faces inside, so I will try and delete those.

Ok, so I got it all fixed. I just went around and deleted the problematic faces, then selected vertices and used the “make face/edge” function by pressing the f key to replace them. Worked great!