Need Help: Convert X to Obj file?

Hey guys could you please help me convert this .x file to an obj?

I tried downloading 2.49 but it can’t import the file.

Then i tried 2.79 and installed the direct x add-on. but i get an error something like Traceback,etc

If you could convert can you please share it to me, i really need it for a project. thanks in advance

here’s the file:

Try this:

You’ll need to do some find and replace in the mtl file to get textures showing up correctly. After a brief look at the obj file imported into 2.92 it looks like material assignments are preserved, but with generic names.

I used a piece of software called 3DSimEd which was made to import/export a wide variety of race sim formats, and includes .x file support. It matters not that this mesh appears to be a tropical island scene. Triangles are triangles, as Pythagoras once said.

Say, any chance of uploading the textures for the totem poles? (only if it’s legal)

thanks bro