Need Help Converting 2.49b PY Script to 2.62

I am using 2.62 to do some modeling for an RC airplane simulator, and nearly lost a file a few days ago from compatibility issues when going back to 2.49b to try and export the file. The script converts a .3ds file to a .kex format so the simulator recognizes everything. Ive been in contact with the moderators about changing the script for a newer version, in which they declined to help (they use and support 3ds max), but gave the go ahead to try to get the current script updated.

My question is, would any of you be willing to point me in the right direction to get started trying to do this? Or would someone (that knows more about this) be willing to try to convert it to 2.62? I have no Idea whatsoever how this works, so Im not even sure if it can be done if you don’t have the simulator. Any help, assistance, or guidance will be much appreciated. Here is a link to where the current python script can be downloaded if anyone is interested. The second link is to the 3ds2kex exporter the the script controls. I hope this is enough to get an idea of what needs to be done.

Not possible to look at because of Please read the licence agreement below. You must agree to the terms of our agreement before downloading.

Are you are talking about the second link to the exporter? If so, is it necessary for a revision? If it is, I will contact the providers to see if I can get the information needed to make the changes. The script is consumer created, but it is several years old. I do have their permission to update the current script though. Here’s a link to that conversation. Post #30.

Yes link 2 in post #1

If you may get and change the script and that is allowed to me too, I would have a look … (maybe give me an ‘excerpt’ of what you may really need?)

I will see what I can get. All I need to do is get the current script (first link) compatible with a newer blender version. It works as good as it can(with the second link) I believe. There are limits from what I understand due to the 3ds format used.