Need help creating a smoke ring

Hey guys,
I’m pretty new to blender. My goal is to make a smoke ring that travels horizontally from point A to than vanish in point B, like vape rings. I looked for tutorials but couldn’t find any. I managed to make the smoke move but without the hole in the middle.

Can anyone point me in the right direction?


Uff. That probably is not easy. Smoke rings are rather unstable in sims, in particular in such a simple one not focused on physical accuracy as Blender’s. So expect the ring to dissolve more quickly as you would like.

It you want to try anyway:

  • create ring (a circle with a hole in the middle) for the emitter. Unsurprisingly it will emit a smoke ring
  • set vorticity to minimum
  • set Resolution to the highest value you can afford

Here is a quick test from me, which might help you to get started. You already can see the stability problem I mentioned.

smoke-ring-test.blend (500.8 KB)

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