Need help creating distorted glass for headlight

I’m working on a realistic car model and I need to have the headlights and taillights have a glass texture that looks like it has a thickness from distorted grooves inside the glass. Sort of like the picture.
What kind of material do I need to do this because I am stumped.

try to male a real model with bubles inside the glass or plastic and make it with ray trace and mirror tranps to get refractions
set the parameters to get the effects see wiki page on this

or do it in cycles which should give better results and easier to do more physical realist rendering then internal blender !

good luck

happy cycles

yes i think too model it lowpoly from a plane and use another plane behind it with the texture…

a very very quick example of your image and you get something like this (probs made in korea) lol

wow, this would be very useful for me, would you share the model butarsky? :slight_smile: