need help deperately :(

hello.need help desperately :frowning: .am in the prosses of learning blender and i came to the chapter about texturing and UV mapping,so i need good tutorials on gimp for learning the basics and tutorials on making a realistic textured face skin with the mapping from blender so i can proceed with my learining.if anybody out there are kind to help me out,it will be nice. because am addicted to blender.i like it so much.its cool.and am trying my best to learn everything in it and gimp is part of it cuz wanna make realistic characters. i tried searching for tutorials,but there isn’t much out there with blender uv mapping included. :frowning: :frowning:

Why do you post this question in each section of support forum?
The time for doing that you could spend more efficiently e.g. by making google search engine your friend.