need help designing a glider

More to the point, I would appreciate being pointed in the direction of any good artwork on the web that deals with mechanical flying machines. I have been trying to design a small one man glider for some time, but have no real reference material for inspiration. If you are good at designing flying machines, I would love to hear from you, also.

The types of gliders I mean are kind of like the bikes in Titan Ae - the one Kyle flies on in the beginning; Kind of liek the star wars bikes in Empire Strikes Back - Endor Scene, flight through the forest; or any manga-esque one man flying machines.

Just reply to this message here if you know where I can look. Thanks heaps in advance!


Well… You could look at And has a very good blueprint archive.

Good luck!

I hope this link will help, it contains severals aircraft in VRML, so you may open it directly in Blender…

And has a very good blueprint archive.

This site kicks some serious bum bum. I’ve only seen the star trek site so far, but DAMN! It’s what I’ve been searching for all along. Thanks heaps. :wink:

Hi PaulC!!!
I’m also interested in airplane modelling. You should get Intellicad or another free CAD package take a look at do some modelling, saving in DXF format, converting then to VRML format and importing the result into Blender for a nice rendition…
I know it’s a long way, but if you’re interested in doing flying models(or airplanes) that’s the way to go…
Take care!!