Need Help extending Rigid Body Frames

I have an animation of a ball rolling down a ramp. I used a rigid body modifier for the ball and ramp. theres a yellow bar on the bottom of the timeline that I believe represents the rigid body animations when I push play. My problem is that it only goes for 250 frames then stops. regardless of what I have the timeline set to witch is 400. I know I could keyframe it but I feel like theres a way to extend it past 250 that I just don’t know. Plz looking for a point in the right direction.

You can trust your feelings :wink: there is a way:

To change/extend the rigid body calculation range, go to the scene tab, in here open the “rigid body cache” panel and change the end-frame to whatever you want.

PS. If you want to have some fun with rigid bodies you can also experiment with the gravity and the speed in the panels above :slight_smile:
(a good slo-mo setup is: speed: 0.1; Steps Per Second: 120; Solver Iterations: 40)

Sweet Thank you very much. This ones been bugging me for awhile so I appreciate the insight.

The video below should help those looking for the solution in the Blender 3.0 version.