Need Help, faces are invisible/transparent when viewed from the back

hi guys,

I have a strange problem. I think I might have pressed some shortcut by chance (don’t know what I did…). The result is very annoying. all faces if viewed from the back/inside are transparent, what is a problem and interferes with what I want to do.
I am using (still) 2.49.
can some body help?



If you are in Textured View mode this is normal. If you are in Solid View mode you may have pressed Shift+T to switch on textured solid mode. If so just press Shift+T again to switch it off or from the View /View Properties floating panel.

I suppose you can use that feature to check for face normal.

thanx, good to know! I first also thought I would be in textured view, but no…
meanwhile I have solved it a lame way: I just deleted the view port window and splitted a new screen, and voila!

but thanks, finally I know what I pressed accidently…