Need help figuring out best way to emit seeds from faces.

Ok I was wondering if there is a way to easily place hair particles (seeds in this case) to faces on a mesh using the weight paint method of selected faces. I am getting somewhat ok results but still figuring out how to get the seeds to actually lay flat against the object is one issue and the other issue is that some seeds are still being emitted from the same faces when the vertex group is used for the density. For doing grass and other flat plane stuff I have no problem with but this I am having issues with. My end goal is to get the seeds to emit from each indent in the mesh which is 457 faces and for them to point down and lay smoothly on the mesh.

p.s. this is my first time trying to attach a blend file so not sure if it is done correctly. If not I will repost the blend through a link in google drive or dropbox. And this model is just a test, not what the actual strawberry will look like.

Seed Placement.blend (2.45 MB)

So i understand you want a seed in each exact selected face which I’m trying to figure out but do you want the pointy end or fatter end touching the strawberry? Changing the origin point of the seed in edit mode to the desired end will fix that, but as to how to get all 457 of them on the exact faces I’m not sure yet. Oh, and applying rotation to “Normal” in the particle modifier will point them in the right direction.

Also, you did the .blend correctly lol.


@modimist Thank you for the time to check it out, I ended up figuring it out when I came across a realistic strawberry tutorial on (go figure) youtube. However it was in German which I do not speak but was able to pick up what was done by watching through to the point where I got all buggered up. Essentially what he did was emit them from single verticies instead of a face, when face was selected it was doing the same as my result however when he clicked vertex it emitted a single strand out of each indent. From that point I was good to go. Thank you again for the help and taking the time to look it over. And the pointy end points down and the fat end up and the mid section is what goes into the hole. First time trying the help board out for my own issues normally I try and work through it or just end up giving up till I become more fluent in Blender.

Ahhh vertices, that makes sense. And likewise, i used to be the same way when i had a problem. There’s no shame in asking for help! Realized how many projects i never finished cause i got stuck and finally made a post here, great decision!

Just curious
did you add a middle vert on faces ?
o did you do a groupd vert for face’s middle vert

can you upload working file

happy bl

Once I am back on my laptop I will post the .blend for others that may want to do similar they can see as well. But in text form I inset the faces and while inset I collapsed edges which then made a single vert. Then scaled those in to create the indents for the seeds. I then added a vertex group called “seeds” assigned the verts. Then created the particle system and set to object and the count to reflect the verticies for the seeds. Once done with that I assigned the group I created called “seeds” to the density. Then deselected random and emmit from vertex and they all came out of each vertex like I wanted.

But once back to my laptop I will post the blend.

Here you go RickyBlender here is the .blend file and a quick render as well. I am sure I might have lost anyone trying to read my post above and I apologize for any headaches trying to figure that out in text form with no pictures or files.

Seed Emitter.blend (982 KB)