Need help finding a freebie Blender human skeleton model. Am battling serious cancer!

Hi folks.

A while back Renderosity had a Blender freebie model of a rigged human skeleton. I should have scarfed it at that time because now I can’t find it. Now I actually need it to communicate with my new cancer surgeons at Indiana University.

What I have is a sarcoma on the inner surface of my left, seventh rib. It will likely mean removing a good part of that rib and I’m discussing the possibility of actually designing and fabricating a prosthetic splice for the rib. This means I need a 3D model to work with.

My initial consultation with the surgeons is Monday (08-18-14) so I could use this rather quickly if someone knows where this model is. I already tried a search. That ended up with an attempt to put a virus in my machine; averted thankfully.

Thank you ahead of time, folks.

  • Dr. C.