Need help finding blueprints of civil war rifles to model from

I have googled and googled but I cannot find good references for civil war and revolutionary war rifles and small arms. There are a lot of side views but I can find almost nothing of top and front and bottom views.

I would like to model some of these but I don’t want to guess at the dimensions I cannot really see.

Does anyone know of a site, preferably free, that has different reference views of old rifles? I would also consider paying for a set of plans.

Thanks for any help on this topic.

Not sure if you have ran across this site yet or not.

Thank you Flying Banana. That is exactly the type of information i am looking for. Too bad there was only the Russian Battle Rifle…but the years are close. I can play with that one while I am continuing my search. I sure appreciate your taking the time to reply.

you should go to some museums and take your own photos for these weapons

at least it would give the real thing

and be careful there is a lot of fake out there !

happy bl

Hi RickyBlender,

I live on Hawaii. Not too many museums with American firearms here…especially on the outer islands. But thank you for the reply. I have been looking at gun auction sites. Some have pictures from various angles. If I get to the mainland I will try to put in a few museum stops. Thanks again. Appreciate your time.