Need help fixing a model

Hi guys, I am pretty new to blender and I have this model that I am working on. Currently, most of the faces are doubled, as in there are two faces/ vertices for every one I want on the final model. The reason I’m having trouble is because the faces aren’t quite touching each other, so I can’t really just remove duplicates. If anyone could fix this for me that would be awesome.
Since I’m a new member here I can’t post links so you will need to remove the spaces: w w w . m e d i a f i r e . c o m / ? s h x 2 u z d a w t j 3 m z y

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In edit mode, select all, W -> remove doubles and F6 to increase the merge distance. Merged vertices count updates in the top right corner while you adjust the value.
And no, I didn’t go through the extra effort to go to some arbitrary site I’m not familiar with. works.

Are you kidding? Mediafire is one of the top free webhosting companies on the net.

“PC Magazine named MediaFire both one of the “Top 100 Undiscovered websites” and a “Top Website of 2008”. It has also been reviewed favorably by CNET and Lifehacker. Lifehacker praised the site not only for the usefulness of the service but also for its use of an unlimited upload size for users.”

There is a whole world out there not associated with Blender.

@ pexafo - That is a pretty nasty piece of work, the topology isn’t good. Your best bet would be to manually retopologise using the existing object as a base. It wouldn’t be too hard to remodel it, just follow the existing geometry using quads and loops.

Not everyone is familiar with mediafire, whatever fame it can have.
I agree that it’s a very good hosting website tough, as it’s one of the very few without those downloading queues/recaptcha annoying things.

For the model in itself, it’s really bad as you have multiple objects that do not have all their vertices at the exact same locations.
So merging vertices will lead into really horrible things with some part of those objects merging but other not, and will then very badly impact on the normals

I think instead of trying to remove double and so lead into horrible normals calculation, you should better rebuild it from scratch, as fortunately it’s not in a complex state yet from what i see so it should not be too difficult to get more control on how it will be built, but it will take some time.

There are a lot of free hosting sites and I’m not familiar with most of them. When I had to decide if I want to check if this one hides what there is to download and offers .exe file instead, I chose no because I couldn’t click the link.
Mentioning that I didn’t check the file at least informs others reading the thread that my answer might not be adequate. So no kidding, I’m just honest about it.

Yes lots of things outside Blender. This is a Blender related site though and is tied to it. Mods on this site, blender bug tracker and #blender recommends using it, it has the convenience to upload .blend files (and gets the content type right when downloading, unlike dropbox) so that’s what I recommend.

While there is this “Unlimit” on mediafire, it usually slaps with most irritating adds ever. Spent some time and effort to eliminate that before and since it doesn’t bite me, downloaded file.

Yes, model is not good in that there is no consistency, but that can be corrected while keeping the forms intact. Which is around the same, considering starting new and making some errors again. So, disassemble this one and work on how to improve it from the blenderhead’s point of view - using tools and following rules it gives and sets.
Select some, what belongs to part that can be made as a real detail for model, separate and work on it. Then combine it back into the model.

I PM you link to a bit reorganised blend file - see if this helps.

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Wow, thanks for all the help, I really didn’t expect all this! I’ll see what I can do with the model, and I’ll ask if I need any more help. These forums look really good, and the community is evidently amazing. Thanks again, and I hope to be spending more time here.