Need help for building a computer for 3D animation ArchViz :

hy every one :wink:
like in the title i want to build a computer for 3D animation ArchViz & rendering .
so any help please ? :smiley:

  • < $1200 USD
  • Arch Viz, Animation Rendering
  • Cycles GPU & Octane Render

Before we go any further try answer these:

  • What kind of cost range are you looking for? < $1000 USD, > $5000 USD etc…
  • What do you intend to use the device for? Arch Viz, Animation Rendering etc…?
  • Are you planning on using Cycles CPU or GPU or a balance of both, different render engines?

A basic cheap example would be:
Intel i5 4460 Quad Core (Stock Cooler)
Some Basic Motherboard
Generic Case +1 fan maybe
550W Brand PSU
8 GB DDR3 RAM, Try for 1866 with CL9 if possible, generally a good price/performance balance
nVidia GTX 760, largest vRam size if possible.

Okay i answered to your question :wink:

< $1200 USD
Arch Viz, Animation Rendering
Cycles GPU & Octane Render

Hi mbmt13390, it is easy, buy a bundle i5 4670K, 16 GB Ram, Gigabyte-G1-Sniper-B5 or similar (< 500€).
There are many offers bundles.
Case, power supply, SSD, DVD.
Rest money spend for the biggest GPU you can get, GTX 770 4 GB for example.
If you prefer CPU render, i7 4770K, smaller GPU.

Cheers, mib

thanks mib2berlin and granite_skull you are very helpfull :slight_smile:

i found this one what do you think about it ?

Nice, the GTX 770 is the 2GB version.
It depends your needs if 2 GB is enough for you, may you can upgrade to the 4 GB version.
If you work with highpoly models and 4 K textures it is not enough.

Cheers, mib