Need Help for game development. Character Artist needed

Hey Guys, My name is Dzaki kamal Bhakti from Cakradara Studio inc. we have been working for about 4 months on our game project and we need you to help us with character Model. We need you to translate the existing character design into 3d. We need model with 10000 vertices limit. AO map, Normal Map, and diffuse texture. and for the optional . you can add rig and we will be gratitude if you did it.

Here’s the design for the character

The Meganthropus.

The deadline is at 4 August. I’m sure you can improve your skill if you participated. and plus, if you had done this task we will grant you wih the credits in our game. Thanks for checking out. Post the reply below if you have question and interest for this project. Thanks again. hehe

I need somebody to create 3d model from the existing design for our game Project.

Model Spec :

  • 10000 vertices limit
  • AO map
  • Diffuse map
  • Normal map

Here’s the design :

The Blue werewolf

Thnks for Joining the the team, The reward will be the credit on our game project and the improvements for you skill. Post ht reply below if you have quest or interest on our game project. cheers

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