Need help for Libre office using help file on win 10

for a while now I cannot use the offline help file for latest libre office !

so can some one tell me how it can use these internal offline help file

I can install it but it always goes back to the internet for help file!

thanks for nay feedback
happy bl

Hi Ricky,

It may simply be opening the help file in a browser ( if written in HTML for instance ) - not actually accessing the internet - you’ll be able to tell by looking at the address bar - if it’s looking locally it will say ‘file …’ and be somewhere on your machine.


I check and there is a help HTML on win program
but when I open it it gives following error
cannot locate index file !

so where can I find this file

note there is an index HTML file in same folder

happy LO

Hi Ricky,

I’m not quite sure why you are having this problem, in version … selecting this

the first time you do this it asks what you want to open the file with, and by default it uses whatever browser you have installed. After clicking that ( in my case Firefox ) it launches the browser and navigates directly to this folder ( I use the default WIN 10 installation location ):


Where it is on your machine will depend on how you installed it. It’s possible you have a bad instal of the help file, so all I can suggest is looking on their forums to see if anything matches your circumstances ( you may be using Linux) , or trying a re-instal.

best of luck,

I use an SSD
but that should not be a problem it was working before
but for a few latest version could not make it work again !

I got same path and main0000.html file!
so still don’t understand why it refuses to see it

will check on lib forum

happy bl

wait a second here
it is opening a page on Edge but may be not on the internet as such
but more just an HTML local page

is this possible ?

happy bl