Need help for my Mario Game

Hey. I’ve been working on a Mario galaxy style game for a few months. I am back in school so my time is limited. I am looking for a team to help me pick up the slack. I am in need of enviorments and enemys. Its mostly that i’m just running out of ideas. I have worked hard to make it this far, and i dont plan on giving up. Unfortunatly i am the only one working on this game. Take a look at the link, and leave a comment or pm me. thanks

what nobody likes mario?

Your game is, simply put, amazing. right now I am already involved in a game. But if i wasn’t, i still wouldn’t help. Just because I don’t think i would be good enough to meet your standards. Fi you got that far by yourself, then i think you can continue it by yourself. Great job, i hope you find somebody

I would help you out, but I’m not good with modeling or making textures. Also, as you know, I have my own game project and I’ve also started school so my time is also very limited. I haven’t been able to work on my project for ages… :confused:

Good luck man.