Need help for rendering skeletal animation and COLLADA DOM.

Hi everyone,

My first entry here and hopefully someone can give some ideas about my problems.

I followed some tutorials and set up a hand model with armature parented. My problem is that after setting up the animation(really simple one) and I can see it work perfectly in the action editor when dragging that green line. However, when I render the animation using Render->Render animation, the model stay still which I am supposed to be unusual. What I was thinking about is that somehow I did not attach the armature with the mesh correctly. But how come it deforms in the animation editor. Is it possible to check if the animation has been REALLY set up?

The following is a extra thorny issue of me.
The way I want to use this hand model is that I need to export it in Collada format and render it using OpenGL. It turns out the skeleton was rendered exactly the way I set in blender but the mesh still doesn’t deform in the application. (And this is why I think I made some mistake in blender). Has anybody ever worked with COLLADA DOM and if it is possible to set up a new animation or edit the pre-setup animation in Collada file?

I am a novice of blender and Collada , sorry for any stupid questions. Really appreciate any help from anybody.


Wow- for a novice- those are some pretty complicated areas!@ Game/ simulation programming?

Hi R3sili3nt,

Thanks for replying. I know it is a complicated thing to work with. However, I have examined several approaches, none of them turns to be convincing. Instead of fantastic Game/simulation programming, I’m doing a kinda complicated project which need to setup some animation in a 3D hand model using the information from a camera. So I think I am stuck at an OpenCV/GL-Blender-COLLADA stage. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

Unless you’re using driven keys or something- its hard right off to say- could be a delay in the animation sequence- maybe a sequence is not linked properly… Can you post a demo file?

Hi R3sili3nt,

Here is my .blend file, would you please give me some idea about how to check if the animation was really set up. For example if I rendered it in blender, is it supposed to move according to the skeleton I defined?

Thanks a lot.


HandSkeletonGoodAnimationOK.blend (292 KB)

Well- I tested the file- it renders fine, but not sure about the COLLADA export…

Thanks mate. Can you tell me how did you test it. Because when I try to render the animation it was just rendered as a still scene. So I doubt if I set up the animation correctly.


have you looked at the COLLADA wiki and posted to the COLLADA forum?

Thanks for reminding. I have post the questions about the COLLADA part at

Obviously, there are only few people working on this area, and I think the problem of association between the rigging and mesh could only be solved here. With you guys help.