Need help for retopology

Hello !

i am trying to retopo a face, i tried already like 3 times and everytime i run into a new problem ! i am doing it again and now i am thinking, how subdivised the face i want to retopo should be ?

i took a few screenshot the 1 is the face i want to retopo without subdibvision, and as you can see it looks bad especially the noseril it’s like i can’t go deep inside with my polygons when i want to retopo it. so i though maybe should i subdiv the model before i want to retopo ?

sorry it’s a beginner question but it’s my very first time trying to retopogy.

so the picture 1 is the face without subdiv, the 2 is my attept of retopo, and the 3 is the same face with subdiv applied (nosstrill looks better).

my purpose is to try to animate it.

thank you for your help !

Subdiv the mesh. After retop you don’t need it anymore. You will use the new mesh for the animation.

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thank you for your reply, also if i want to add the inside of the mouth can i do it later ? it is counted as a separate object ? or do i need to make a kind of socket for the mouth already ? don’t know what to do because the mouth of my character is closed actually.

thank you again

Couple things,

If you put shrink-wrap, use “Above Surface” and it will always float above by the offset amount, you can use a smaller amount, this way it will help with intersection without x-ray or etc; you might already know this. To do the inside of stuff, you can go to the model and then use “H” to hide certain faces. Also, I’m sure you’re already using face snapping. Not much else to it…

Also when using shrink-wrap it will respect extrusions, so if you extrude an edge even with 12 verts the whole thing will cling to the model. Make sure to “show in edit mode” like I didn’t in the above screenshot, like this:
so that it shows you the final result while you’re working

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Hey ! thank you i was using shrink wrap but i wasn’t on “above surface” ! xD
i’m gonna try it tomorrow and see if it’s easier for me to work.

yes i am using face snapping + shrink wrap at the same time !

i knew the H to hide but i was not thinking about it, i will try this for the inside of the mouth :smiley:

thank you very much i’ll let you know!