Need Help For Rubik's Cube Animation

Hi friends,

I am new in blender. I want to create a “Rubiks Cube” Animation. I competed my modeling part. My "Rubiks cube " contains 27 small individual cubes [ 9 each of 3 rows]. How can I rotate the cubes. ie, at one instance i have to rotate the upper 9 small cubes in clockwise or anticlockwise and another instance the 9 from bottom… How can i animate this. i am trying with empty object and set parent. But wont work in this case. Any Idea…

The following images are for ur reference, not my creation.
Thanks in advance.

What you described should work so I don’t know what you’re missing.

Another way to do it would be to make the rows into single objects…that way you only have 3 objects instead of 27.

If you keep all the objects ( Pink dot) in the exact center of the cubes and get the cubes aligned perfect. just select 9 cubes and rotate. I think I would try parenting all to the center cube. and parent the center to a bone outside.

To: RobCozzens,

In the sense of single objects( each single cube) it works. But it take long time when we animate each of this 27 cubes. If we make the 9 cubes to single object (Ctrl+j) we can rotate only that face to clockwise and anti clockwise. and i want rotate the right face too. that face contains the three face from upper face.

Also the problem with grouping i faced is when i group all the upper cubes, when i insert key frame and try rotate upper face, only one single cube is rotate.

following is a animated gif i got from net. please not the movements.


I am Just A Beginner In Blender

I did this exact same thing a while back. You gotta animate each one bud. Oh and it’s 26 cubes, not 27; there’s no center cube. :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT: Just select all 9 of the cubes on the face you want to turn, and rotate them as one, then just hit i->LocRotScale.

Thanks Friend. Got It.
Instead of “LocRotScale” I Use “LocRot”. Now it is cleared.

Thanks to all.

You could just use Gabio’s rig.

Why re-invent the wheel (I mean cube)?

If you don’t parent them to a center or something ,what will you do when you move them all, like a boy caring it. Bud ?