Need help for Sci-Fi/Noir video Project

Hey guys,
I’m brand new to blender. I’m actually a cinematographer and I know nothing about Blender or 3d animation. I just downloaded blender and am trying to make an AE composition of three-four spaceships flying over a building. Unfortunately, my computer can’t handle blender and AE at the same time which is a must. I was hoping I could find someone, here at blender forums, to help me out. If you have the time, I would love for you to help me. If you’re interested, please contact me at t a h sieh (no spaces) at gmail dot com.

Thanks you so much,

if you are trying to composite why not just use blender to make an animation of your ships with a green background and render it as an avi file (i find they only play if you use the 4:3 PAL setting (you can alter the size and frame rate after setting this)). then use wax 2.0 to do a green screen effect and drop the ships in infront of the building, if you want them behind the building put the building video in a track above these 2 and cut out the building with the rotomate tool. it will start to make sense after a while. hope this helps