Need Help For Smoke Simulator (Dust Impact)

Hey. I want to make dust impact with smoke sim in blender 2.77 cycles. But i failed every time. Smoke is too dark, too much density, grainy or so slow render etc. I will very happy if someone can send me example blend file.

I want to make like first smoke in this video :

And here paid tutorial for maya (There is no blender tutorial for dust impact) :


Yes, it’s possible. I’ll help guide, but not do it for you.
I don’t know where you’re at with knowing how smoke sim works, or how to animate parameters
Upload what you have so we can see/work from that.

Tips: Start with the cube and do quick smoke.
smoke object: temp difference to 0. Animate the density from 1 to 0 after a couple frames.
smoke domain: Border collisions to collide all. Dissolve after about 50 frames if you like.
Add a turbulence forcefield, turn up the strength to 100ish…

Also, look at your Bounces settings in “Light Paths” in your render properties; make sure “Volume” is up.