Need help for this few question! urgent!!

Hi to all, I’m in the process of learning to use blender and met up with some difficulty for my homework. Do hope someone can assist me in solving my question.

1st question:
Describe how the animation “auto-key” in the timelinecould be enabled such that one can
animate objects without manually keying commands.

2nd question:
Blender2.6 is equipped with very powerful mesh editing tools and a group of them can be activated in the “Add-Ons” under “Preferences”. Name the add-on and toolused to connect the gap in the example shown in Figure Q2C below.

click on link to see the image

Really appreciate if someone could help me out. Thanks!

I take it you chose your username from the attitude you have to doing your homework.

Hi Richard, I think you mistaken about it. I have been using this username for years and in many forum. Got this nickname from a band in hongkong LMF. =\

I’m very sorry if you feel that way but I had search through out the website but can’t seems to find any clue regarding this 2 question. . As I mention since it’s a homework, definitely can’t only be this 2 question for the whole assignment. Just that I’m really stuck with just this 2 question and hope anyone out there can help me out. even a small guidance or clue will help out too =) Will appreciate it. Once again, sorry if i left a bad impression for my nick =\

SOLVED for the first question! but I’m still stuck at question 2. anyone got any ideas which add-on to use in order to connect the gap between the 2 sphere??

Look under mesh

Hi! thanks for the tips. hmm i was thinking was it the mesh pipe joint add on. i tested it out a few times back but somehow it doesn’t work =\

I’ll go ahead and cut out the guessing game and give you the benefit of the doubt that you are asking a legitimate question.

LoopTools can Bridge like that. I forget the settings that give the cool, subdivided and rounded effect - maybe it is loft, not Bridge - but whichever it is you will have to tweak the operator with either the Toolshelf’s bottom half or the F6 menu.

Let us know if you need more help.


hey rking! really thanks for the help! you just help me solve the question! really appreciate it. I see that looptools add on must be installed as default doesn’t have it. No wonder i can’t get it even though i try all the addons in blender. i manage to find one more similar tool which is called Bridge & Loft and it works on two ways. The first one is an option that can connect edges or faces just like the old Bridge Faces/Edge loops, but with a lot more options and controls.

Thanks for the help! Cheers~!