Need help from a car modeler...

This is my second attempted car in Blender. The first one was a convertible, which did not present some of the challenges this car is presenting.

I have attached a picture of the wire. Is this the best way to do the roof portion of the car? As in model the roof and then cut the windows out, leaving the reinforcement bars? I tried modelling the bars themselves, and was then going to fill in the gaps with a window, but that was turning into a disaster. I would really appreciate advice from someone whose done cars as to the best way you’ve found to approach the roof and windows.



I’m finding that leaving holes for the windows is easiest. It lets you model the inside of the car much more easily. I model the doors separate too. The other advantage of doing it this way is if an external renderer doesn’t support multiple materials, you can give the windows and car different shaders.

What I would seriously recommend is that you use a reference to model against. Check out:

It’s sometimes hard to get side, top and front images of the same car but I found a few at that site. Then set up Blender to have ortho views show those images and follow the shape. I load them textured onto planes in the 3D view so that I can check the images are all the same size. It’s no good having a top view image that’s half the size of the side view image.

My crits on that car include the following: the mid section is too long and the front is too short so select all the verts from the base of the windscreen back and scale down by half in the length direction. Then scale up the front by about 2 but don’t change the wheel arches.

That should start you off but get some reference pics and work to a well defined car shape.