Need help getting back on track

Ive been gone for a while and I would like some help to some problems/concerns I have.
One is the “sticky” button in the Editing menu. What happens when I click this?
Another is how do I get the Curve Deform to work after I parent the Object to the curve?
I’ll probably end up coming up with more as I begin to refamillerize myself with blender.
Thank you in advance for the help.

the sticky button is used for assigning the cooridinates that you can use when mapping a texture. there is a [stick] button in the [map input] tab of the materials window. that assigns the texture to the sticky coordinates

when you parent the curve to the mesh, the mesh should be flattened out along the y-axis. select the mesh, and in the [object] buttons, under the [anim settings] tab should be a set of [track] buttons. set the mesh to [trackX] then, go into edit mode with the curve and play around with the control vertices

i hope this helps


Thank you Delta. This will help me a lot.