Need help getting Joystick-based spaceship working correctly

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I recently found and have been playing the old X-Wing Alliance game and decided to see if I could recreate the type in BGE.
So, I built a ship that looks like someone cut the back half of a semi truck, took off the wheels and slammed it into the front half of a cockpit containing the apparently invisible seat and controls.

The ship itself has two states, moving, not moving.
The main joystick axis (Up-down-left-right phallic-shaped part) rotates the ship up, down left and right.
The Super-special Z axis rotates it on the other axis, allowing the player to do things like barrel rolls till he/she realizes slowly spinning in circles is not going to stop a huge-ass rocket.
The buttons do three things: Zip, zilch and nada.
The hat rotates the camera around, letting you look around your relevant object-lacking spaceship while you unknowingly fly into a wormhole and then wonder how the hell you got to Nebraska.

Don’t worry, the keyboard does stuff too!
Numpad 5 makes your ship go.

So yeah, to test the blend below, you’re going to need to go steal a Joystick from the <Insert Museum of World History Here>.

So, the thing is, the way I have it set up the Joystick is as touch sensitive as a key on the keyboard is. You’ve got two choices: Full rotation speed, or no rotation speed.

The reason I just told you all of that even though I have a blend is the simple fact that I didn’t name any of the actuators and the lines are tangled, so now you know what’s going on.

I want, as I’m sure you people with brains out there who managed to read this far already know, the ship’s rotation speeds to be the parallel to the amount the Joystick is pushed/pulled/beaten to death with fortune cookie/whatever.

I don’t care how much, as long as I at least have: No rotation, Half rotation, Full rotation.
Though, if you show me how to do “0%, 3%, 6%, 9%…96%, 99% 100%”, I will pretty much love you forever till you stab my puppy or something.

Attached is the blend.
You’ll probably need a joystick or gamepad or something of the sort. Visit your local old-shit dealer to find one. Just don’t ask the clerk where they are, or he’ll talk your ear off for the next 45 minutes about the awesome X-wing model he’s gonna save up for 35 years to get. Trust me on that.

If you answer something like “Dont try to du that in blender use 3ds max like a real man”, I’ll stab you in the face.
If you answer my question, I’ll say thanks the best way I can: Posting a lolcat.

Disclaimer: I always lie


IsuckatXWAanyway.blend (308 KB)

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Well thats the thing, sensitivity isn’t that easy. blendenzo did one here, but I think it uses global stuff instead of local. It might be easy to fix, just going by memory here.

Hope this helps