Need help getting label on glass bottle to show as transparent.

As title says I have a label on a Nuka Cola bottle I made that is transparent and I don’t know how to make it opaque? Any idea how to do that?

Here is picture and my blend file. I don’t know if the file pack worked cause I got errors.


Nuka Cola.blend (1.4 MB)

Well, actually your thread title and content seem to contradict themselves… The title says that you want the label to be transparent, but in the thread you’re saying that you don’t know how to make it opaque.

Anyway, care to elaborate how that label is supposed to look exactly?
Which part of it is supposed to be transparent? The red? The white?

In case you just worded this confusingly and want the label to be opaque and the bottle to be transparent, you will have to use the texture’s alpha to drive a mix shader:

Sorry I screwed up with the title. Your picture is exactly how I wanted it to look. How did you get liquid to be inside the bottle?

Where do you find the fresnal shader?

The Fresnel node is under Shift-A > Input.

As for the liquid, I mostly prefer the “quick and dirty” approach:

  1. Duplicate the inner polygons of the bottle,
  2. flip the normals (so they’re pointing outward),
  3. cut off the top at the desired fill height,
  4. cap it (don’t forget to model the meniscus) and
  5. Alt-S the liquid slightly outward, so that it overlaps with the glass mesh.

I know, the purists will scream “But the glass-to-liquid-interface is not physically correct that way!”, which might be true, but this is imho close enough to call it a day and to spare further hassle…:stuck_out_tongue: