Need help getting parameter of scene property

How do I get the name of the current scene property “primary_location_method”? (i.e. “Smart”)
Also, it would be helpful to be able to get the current description and icon as well…

So, for example… if I were to do something like this:

myProperty = context.scene.neltulzSmartObject.primary_location_method

property_name = myProperty.get_name_somehow

property_description = myProperty.get_description_somehow

property_icon = myProperty.get_icon_somehow

My property setup:

class NeltulzSmartObject_IgnitProperties(PropertyGroup):
    primary_location_method_list = [
        ("SMART",             "Smart",             "Automatically create object based on context",     "FAKE_USER_ON",       0),
        ("WORLD_ORIGIN",      "World Origin",      "Create object at World Origin",                    "WORLD",              1),
        ("CURSOR",            "3D Cursor",         "Create object at 3D Cursor Location",              "CURSOR",             2),
        ("VIEWPORT",          "Viewport",          "Create object at Viewport Location",               "RESTRICT_VIEW_ON",   3),
        ("CUSTOM",            "Custom",            "Create object at a custom location",               "TOOL_SETTINGS",      4),

    primary_location_method : EnumProperty(
        items = primary_location_method_list,
        description = "Which to use (Default: Smart)",
        default = "SMART",
        update = misc_functions.prop_store,


from . properties import NeltulzSmartObject_IgnitProperties

classes = (
    # properties

def register():
    from bpy.utils import register_class
    for cls in classes:

    #add property group to the scene
    bpy.types.Scene.neltulzSmartObject = bpy.props.PointerProperty(type=NeltulzSmartObject_IgnitProperties)

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

I devised a solution (sorta)

I created a dict with a list of indices:

primary_location_method_indices = {
    "SMART" :            0,
    "WORLD_ORIGIN" :     1,
    "CURSOR" :           2,
    "VIEWPORT" :         3,
    "CUSTOM" :           4,

Then, I retrieve the information from the list as follows:

indices_dict = scene.neltulzSmartObject.primary_location_method_indices

primary_location_method = scene.neltulzSmartObject.primary_location_method

index = indices_dict[primary_location_method]

primary_location_method_list = scene.neltulzSmartObject.primary_location_method_list

name =         primary_location_method_list[index][1]
description =  primary_location_method_list[index][2]
icon =         primary_location_method_list[index][3]

finally, print:

print("Name: " + name )
print("Description: " + description )
print("Icon: " + icon )


Name: Smart
Description: Automatically create object based on context