Need help getting posts approved


I’m a new poster here, hoping to talk a bit on some threads about using Blender with UE4. I’m an employee with Epic Games and hoping to help out if I can. Currently, my posts are awaiting moderation, and I think I might have double and triple posted not realizing that. I’m sorry for the confusion, but is there any way to get posting privileges?

Thank you,

As noted in the FAQ that Richard linked, new members to the forum have restricted rights as a means of preventing spam. Usually a post doesn’t sit in the queue for longer than 24 hours. And don’t sweat the dupes. The moderation team can handle cleaning up a few duplicate posts. :slight_smile:

@Richard - Thank you for the link.

@Fweeb - And thank you for the response and info.

So it looks like I need to make 10 posts to get through the moderation. Is that right, or is there another way a mod can promote my account? Can I reply here 10 times? Lol. :slight_smile:

Thank you,

You can reply here 10 times, but it’d be a kind of lame way to do it. As I replied in another thread, this forum is built on our discussions and relies on our participation. The best way to up your post count is to participate around the forum.

I´m also desperately trying to use this forum my first post was approved very quickly all other attempts in the last 48 hours seem to be lost. So whats up with that?