Need help: how to prepare a game asset for texturing and rigging?


this is the first time where I try to create a rig and game asset for Unity.
The model itself is done and still needs to be textured/rigged.

So I am wondering what would be best practice from now on:

  • Joining all the different objects into one single mesh (is rigging still possible)?

  • Keep the objects seperated and create textures for every single one?

I hope you understand my problem. I just want to know how most of the people would proceed :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance

Rigging is still possible when you join them.

For this joining them is a good option. You can still setup multiple materials per vertex you want and it easier to manage than having 10 objects that are handled as one. To be honest i dont know what that is so not sure what to rig hereā€¦