Need help - I forgot where is this feature


I remember that in Blender (I don’t know which version) there is a feature where I can create a cloth simulation on a simple mesh. Then later on I can copy / apply this animation to a more complex mesh.
But unfortunately I forgot the name of this feature and where to find it.

May anybody knows where to find it?


Mhm. Not heard of that but you can use a subsurf to improve the mesh where the simulation is running on. With export and so it is only possible to apply that simulation to an identical mesh.

Transferring from one to another mesh… maybe?

Modifier ‘Data Transfer’ can also be used to copy data from one (animated) object, in this case a cloth mesh to another. Hope it helps.

I can’t really think how up-resing the simulation data like that would make any sense.

You can copy the Cloth Simulation parameters in the oultiner and re run the simulation.


thanks to all - I think it was the ‘deform modifier’ where a simple plane was animated and later on using deform modifer a chain mail object was deformed.

Surface Deform modifier or Mesh Deform modifier