Need help identifying Texture map types(not diffuse, normal, or specular)

I apologize in advance for this noob-ish sounding question but:
I’ve got some types of Texture maps that I need help identifying, and also, how to apply them to a model in Blender. All I do know is that they’re not Diffuse, Normal, or Specular Texture Maps, because I already know how to apply those 3 types of texture maps.

Below are links to 3 .zip files, each .zip file containing several unknown Texture map types. I’ve taken the liberty of adding a ^ sign at the end of the names of the texture maps I need help with. Please be sure to look at all 3 .zip files, since they each have different unknown texture map types.

Please respond ASAP. Any help at all would be greatly appreciated!

Bumping topic.

What are these textures from? They look like they’re used on models from a game or something like that. If you have images of what the models look like in the original engine, that can help you figure out what the individual textures are for since you can see where they show up.

That said, some guesses based on the nature of the files

  • all of the textures ending in _env are very likely environment maps used for lighting
  • similarly, the textures ending in _ref are maps used to fake reflections, such as on metal.
  • the textures ending in _msk and _rm seem like they could be metalness maps or roughness maps, since they seem to map to areas with high values in the specular map
  • the textures with _pattern and _lay are the hardest to guess, but if you had the original appearance of the model you should be able to spot these. I’d guess they are used for special effects like a “magic aura” glow or slime layer.