Need help.. i'm as noobish is it gets..

i just need help with getting what my picture should look like in its full potential… i just havethat little F12 thing… help me please >.<

Hit F12 to get to the Render Buttons and on the right are the buttons you’re looking for.


accually i was wondering how to get it in Picture Form… like how people paste them onto the forum…

When you render (or “Anim”) the file, the output is saved in the location specified in the top left row of the render window.

Keep futzing with it… :smiley:

After you render your image with F12, press F3 to save your image. You must have an image type (jpg, tga, etc…) selected in the render buttons (F10), and not a movie type.

In F12 again, select what format you want to save it as then render it. Go to File and Save Image As. In the Save window type in PicName.blend. (whatever format extension you chose) and enter, enter. In the left of F12 you can click the EXT icon to save the Extensions by default. All this is in the docs.

Then if you have webspace you upload it there and give us a link to it or enclose the link in the [img] brackets to hotlink to it.


hm… i’m just wondering… but how do i make Vertical >.<

How do you make vertical what?


How about reading the documentation…

F10, not F12.

F12 renders the image.

F10 displays the Render Buttons.

What in the world are you asking?

To render, push F12.

To get the render settings, push F10.

To save a picture, either push F3, or go to “File > Save Picture.”

To post a picture on these forums, post it onto the internet somewhere that allows hotlinking, and use the [img] tag.