Need help importing textures into Unity

Hey guys, So I made the first model I’m truly proud of, it looks awesome for what I’m used to making!

(See top image)

I mainly work with unity, in this case, URP 2020.2.2f1

After generating and importing the textures for the Tire from Blender to unity it now looks

(See bottom image)

I have yet to try it in normal unity (So not the universal render pipeline)
But I really hope to get this working in URP since I always get awesome results in it.

I’ve also watched a bunch of tutorials and guides but can’t seem to figure this out, I hope anyone here as
some experience and can help me out. if necessary I can provide the .blend file and a
Test unity scene.

The only way you can even see the texture is when really up close to it.

(I’m a new user so can only upload 1 image xD)