Need help in aligning car blueprints

I want to model the front bumper of BMW f30 M-sport. I couldn’t find blueprints for this but found orthographic shots of front and side view. Now i can’t get to align the blueprints.Any suggestion ?

take a cube, enabele exray, fit image in cube on perticular axis lets say x, and in y axis try to aling the image according to the cube.
that should do it

like this ?

yup, now, both images are aligned… you can star modeling.

thanks for replying but when start placing vertices, they still don’t align in different views ? why is this? this technique generally works but there is something wrong , I don’t’ get it. Would you give it a shot ?

I think the first image isn’t straight

check this , I align vertex with a line in front view and in side view it above that line.

ill tell you what, design head from front and try alinging second image from it

this should help :rofl:

thanks for helping, but it’s the non sport version. The bumpers are different. I have searched for BMW f30 M sport blueprints for hours but no luck. :frowning:

Sometimes photo’s just don’t line up for whatever reason and you have to “fudge” things a bit. Try moving your right ortho image up on the Z axis (making a note of the initial Z measurement in case you have to reset it) until the corresponding point lines up with the Vertex on your front Ortho then as a check, extrude the vertex down to the bottom edge in the front view and see if it corresponds to the bottom edge on the right view. If they line up then go for it, you’re only modeling the bumper so if the rest of the vehicle is out it doesn’t matter.
If, after you’ve extruded the vertex and it doesn’t line up then you are going to have to just choose which image you are going to use as a reference and the other then just becomes a “non exact” guide. Personally I’d use the Front shot as it has the most detail to follow.

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Thanks for replying, I’ll try that.