need help in uv and orco

I need help in texture mapping. I am using blender 2.45. I am using .3ds) file for my project as 3d model purpose.Every thing is looking good but problem on the texture map

blender uses orco for mapping
See difference in bumpers.
This image is intented result

correct mapping(orco)

Incorrect Mapping(uv)
I agree that i am poor in making 3d models
I want to get the result as of 1st image

i googled for it and find posts saying "look in blender source for ‘how orco works’ "

can I manage to do in uv if not then
can someone give me algorithm of orco
or there are some other file formats better then 3ds

the uv incorrect result comes in my Program.

please help

Look like UV mapping can solve this sorry folks for wasting your time.
just in the forum whether it work or not i have some other solution.

I want start learning blender to make this thing proper please lead me where should I start.
specifically start making this model looks more better.