Need help in VSE

So I’m new to the VSE and have one minor issue I’m trying to work through.

I have loaded a video (1080P .mov file shot on a Cannon T3i) into the VSE, however, when I play back the video is much slower than the audio. The audio plays at normal speed

what do I need to do to get it to play back at normal speed?

Thanks - Rip.

Did you set dimensions and fps in the render settings to match that of the imported footage ?

Yes I did, thank you.

And just to make sure I am explaining things correctly, it is not a final output video that I am referring to, but the preview video which allows you to see what you are working with.

thanks again

There are sync options on the timeline. AV-Sync will sync to the audio.

@ cmomoney - I think that was it. The playback is a bit choppy but it is in sync with the audio.

Currently Blender struggles to playback such heavily compressed files, a good tip is to allocate more memory to Blender’s VSE in the User Prefs. And try to play the video in a timeline with matched dimensions at 1:1 zoom. That way the VSE isn’t trying to stretch the image to fit (even the preview window is a scale function). Try cacheing the audio strip (see the properties panel of the audio strip) and consider at least building a timecode proxy with the proxy function (you don’t have to generate a proxy video file) this can make playback a bit smoother.